EREBUS Frequently Asked Questions

Next Generation Broadband
for the East of England

What is EREBUS and why do we need it?

EREBUS is a project designed to register as much demand as possible for faster broadband in the East of England so as to make a good commercial case for investment in next generation broadband infrastructure. We plan to use this to attract funding from business and the EC.

This demand information will be held independently of any commercial supplier by the East of England Development Agency but will be provided freely (suitably anonymised) to any credible and legitimate supplier with plans for a service.

We need EREBUS because, outside urban areas, the spread of next generation broadband  services will be slow as suppliers will be unsure about the case for investment. We seek to make them aware of the number of potential customers of all types in an area and thus help maximise the  spread of broadband throughout the region.

Whilst registering your demand for faster broadband on the website does not guarantee that you will immediately receive it, it is true that the more registrations that we get in an area, the more likely it is that that area will receive next generation (faster) broadband.

What is next generation broadband?

When we talk of Next Generation Broadband ,  we mean  simply the infrastructure connections to people, schools, businesses  and other organisations that can handle the  video-rich, bandwidth-hungry services  which are being are developed in the UK and around the world.

What information we are collecting and what we do we do  with it?

We are scrupulous about what kind of data we collect from you and how we use it.

For a domestic user: At the minimum, we need the postcode of the premises to be served  and an email address that will help us determine that the registration is a genuine one, if necessary.  This is no more than would be provided if you sent us as email expressing an interest in better broadband or complaining about your existing level of service.

For public sector and third sector registrations: any data which you enter onto the form will be stored in the database and may be shared with third parties

Any extra information which you wish to share in the spaces provided on the form would be useful.

If you are a private individual registering on the Domestic demand page,  rest assured that we will not share your personal information with any third parties and nobody registering will be  inundated with  emails or newsletters.

Registration does not mean that you have any kind of commitment to take a next generation service should it become available but we will email you details if a next generation broadband service becomes available in your area  unless you indicate on the form that you do not wish to receive such information.

The data obtained from EREBUS will be shared with legitimate providers of services either in map form or as a file which can be used by their own mapping systems.

Can I see maps of where the demand is?

We will be publishing links to a  website with such maps in early 2010 when (we hope) there will be sufficient data to make it worthwhile.