EREBUS Broadband Demand Registration
Next Generation Broadband
for the East of England

EREBUS (Eastern REgion Broadband Uplift Scheme)

EREBUS is a project funded and run by the East of England Development Agency with the objective of encouraging commercial suppliers to invest in next generation broadband infrastructure in the East of England.

The overall aim of the project is to register as much demand for next generation broadband services as possible in an information resource to demonstrate that there is sufficient demand to make commercial investment in next generation broadband worthwhile. To date over 12,300 individuals and organisations have register their demand.

The government has announced that EEDA will close by March 2012 and the agency is now in transition and closure mode, as many of our current activities will cease or will be handed over to other organisations. More information about this can be found on our website -

As a result EREBUS will be closed down at the end of April when a final cut of the data will be taken and will be available for a limited period on the EEDA website.

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